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The content below is a list of tire data for technical purposes. To search for tires for your vehicle click here and choose either the search by size, search by vehicle or search by brand option.


Presa PS-01 Presa PS-01 - 165/70R13 Presa PS-01 - 175/50R15 Presa PS-01 - 175/65R14 Presa PS-01 - 175/70R13 Presa PS-01 - 175/70R14 Presa PS-01 - 185/55R15 Presa PS-01 - 185/60R14 Presa PS-01 - 185/60R15 Presa PS-01 - 185/65R14 Presa PS-01 - 185/65R15 Presa PS-01 - 185/70R14 Presa PS-01 - 195/50R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/55R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/55R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/60R14 Presa PS-01 - 195/60R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/60R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/65R15 Presa PS-01 - 195/70R14 Presa PS-01 - 205/55R16 Presa PS-01 - 205/60R15 Presa PS-01 - 205/60R16 Presa PS-01 - 205/65R15 Presa PS-01 - 205/65R15 Presa PS-01 - 205/70R15 Presa PS-01 - 215/60R16 Presa PS-01 - 215/60R17 Presa PS-01 - 215/65R16 Presa PS-01 - 215/65R17 Presa PS-01 - 215/70R15 Presa PS-01 - 225/55R16 Presa PS-01 - 225/60R16 Presa PS-01 - 235/60R16 Presa PS-01 - 235/65R16 Presa PI-02 Presa PI-02 - 175/65R14 Presa PI-02 - 175/70R13 Presa PI-02 - 185/60R14 Presa PI-02 - 185/65R14 Presa PI-02 - 185/65R15 Presa PI-02 - 185/70R14 Presa PI-02 - 195/60R15 Presa PI-02 - 195/65R15 Presa PI-02 - 205/55R16 Presa PI-02 - 205/60R16 Presa PI-02 - 205/65R15 Presa PI-02 - 205/70R15 Presa PI-02 - 215/55R16 Presa PI-02 - 215/55R17 Presa PI-02 - 215/60R16 Presa PI-01 Presa PI-01 - 175/65R14 Presa PI-01 - 185/60R14 Presa PI-01 - 185/60R15 Presa PI-01 - 185/65R14 Presa PI-01 - 185/65R15 Presa PI-01 - 185/70R14 Presa PI-01 - 195/55R15 Presa PI-01 - 195/60R15 Presa PI-01 - 195/65R15 Presa PI-01 - 205/55R16 Presa PI-01 - 205/60R16 Presa PI-01 - 205/65R15 Presa PI-01 - 215/55R16 Presa PI-01 - 215/55R17 Presa PI-01 - 215/60R16 Presa PWS Presa PWS - 175/65R15 Presa PWS - 185/55R15 Presa PWS - 185/60R15 Presa PWS - 195/55R16 Presa PWS - 215/50R17 Presa PWS - 225/45R17 Presa PWS - 225/50R17 Presa PSAS1 Presa PSAS1 - 195/50R16 Presa PSAS1 - 195/55R16 Presa PSAS1 - 205/40R17 Presa PSAS1 - 205/45R16 Presa PSAS1 - 205/45R17 Presa PSAS1 - 205/50R16 Presa PSAS1 - 205/50R17 Presa PSAS1 - 205/65R16 Presa PSAS1 - 215/35R18 Presa PSAS1 - 215/40R17 Presa PSAS1 - 215/45R17 Presa PSAS1 - 215/50R17 Presa PSAS1 - 215/55R16 Presa PSAS1 - 215/55R17 Presa PSAS1 - 225/40R18 Presa PSAS1 - 225/45R17 Presa PSAS1 - 225/45R18 Presa PSAS1 - 225/50R16 Presa PSAS1 - 225/50R17 Presa PSAS1 - 225/50R18 Presa PSAS1 - 225/55R17 Presa PSAS1 - 225/55R19 Presa PSAS1 - 225/60R17 Presa PSAS1 - 235/40R18 Presa PSAS1 - 235/45R17 Presa PSAS1 - 235/45R18 Presa PSAS1 - 235/50R17 Presa PSAS1 - 235/50R18 Presa PSAS1 - 235/55R17 Presa PSAS1 - 235/55R18 Presa PSAS1 - 235/60R18 Presa PSAS1 - 245/40R17 Presa PSAS1 - 245/40R18 Presa PSAS1 - 245/45R17 Presa PSAS1 - 245/45R18 Presa PSAS1 - 245/50R17 Presa PSAS1 - 245/50R20 Presa PSAS1 - 255/35R18 Presa PSAS1 - 255/45R20 Presa PSAS1 - 255/50R19 Presa PSAS1 - 255/50R20 Presa PSAS1 - 255/55R18 Presa PSAS1 - 275/40R20 Presa PSAS1 - 275/45R20 Presa PSAS1 - 285/45R22 Presa PSAS1 - 305/40R22 Presa PSAS1 - 305/45R22 Presa PJ88 Presa PJ88 - 205/70R15 Presa PJ88 - 205/75R15 Presa PJ88 - 215/70R16 Presa PJ88 - 225/70R16 Presa PJ88 - 235/60R16 Presa PJ88 - 235/65R17 Presa PJ88 - 235/70R16 Presa PJ88 - 235/75R15 Presa PJ88 - 245/70R16 Presa PJ88 - 265/70R15 Presa PJ88 - 265/70R16 Presa PJ77 Presa PJ77 - 215/65R16 Presa PJ77 - 215/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 215/85R16 Presa PJ77 - 225/60R17 Presa PJ77 - 225/65R17 Presa PJ77 - 225/70R15 Presa PJ77 - 225/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 225/75R16 Presa PJ77 - 235/65R17 Presa PJ77 - 235/70R15 Presa PJ77 - 235/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 235/75R15 Presa PJ77 - 235/85R16 Presa PJ77 - 245/65R17 Presa PJ77 - 245/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 245/75R16 Presa PJ77 - 245/75R16 Presa PJ77 - 255/60R17 Presa PJ77 - 255/70R15 Presa PJ77 - 255/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 265/60R18 Presa PJ77 - 265/65R17 Presa PJ77 - 265/70R16 Presa PJ77 - 265/70R17 Presa PJ77 - 265/70R18 Presa PJ77 - 265/75R16 Presa PJ77 - 265/75R16 Presa PJ77 - 275/55R20 Presa PJ77 - 275/60R20 Presa PJ77 - 275/65R18 Presa PI-14 Presa PI-14 - 215/65R16 Presa PI-14 - 215/70R16 Presa PI-14 - 225/65R17 Presa PI-14 - 225/70R16 Presa PI-14 - 235/65R17 Presa PI-14 - 235/70R16 Presa PI-14 - 235/75R15 Presa PI-14 - 245/70R16 Presa PI-14 - 265/65R17 Presa PI-14 - 265/70R16 Presa AT-PRO II Presa AT-PRO II - 215/85R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 225/75R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 235/75R15 Presa AT-PRO II - 235/80R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 235/85R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 245/70R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 245/75R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 245/75R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 255/75R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 265/70R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 265/70R18 Presa AT-PRO II - 265/75R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 275/65R18 Presa AT-PRO II - 275/65R20 Presa AT-PRO II - 275/70R18 Presa AT-PRO II - 285/70R17 Presa AT-PRO II - 285/75R16 Presa AT-PRO II - 31/10.5R15

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Modern Tire and Auto Service

Welcome to Modern Tire and Auto Service - Tire and Auto Repair All In One Place! Established in 1941, Modern Tire and Auto Service has been serving satisfied customers for over 75 years at locations serving Farmington, CT, Cheshire, CT, Newington, CT, Shelton, CT, and Rocky Hill, CT. We're a family owned and operated business and a certified Goodyear dealer! Modern Tire and Auto Service’s goal is to make the tire and auto repair process hassle-free, which is why we provide tires and service in just one place! With tire brands like BFGoodrich Tires, Bridgestone Tires, Continental Tires, Cooper Tires, Dunlop Tires, Firestone Tires, Fuzion Tires, General Tires, Goodyear Tires, Hankook Tires, Kelly Tires, Kumho Tires, MICHELIN Tires, Pirelli Tires, and Toyo Tires in our inventory, you know you will get the best quality tires, as well as the best price. Couple that with our commitment to customer service and it's no wonder that customers from Farmington, Cheshire, Newington, Shelton, and Rocky Hill Connecticut (and beyond!) choose Modern Tire and Auto Service for a new set of tires for their vehicles.